Ellair Solutions


Regular Maintenance for optimum performance is an important consideration for our engineers at ELLAir Solutions. They work closely with our expert technicians to make HVAC systems run efficiently for their entire working life. They use the latest technology and best practices to plan the life of the equipment as well as inspect and test the systems. Our engineers and technicians collaborate to understand the unique maintenance requirements of every HVAC system. They have a strong focus on delivering outstanding quality and customer service, and they have the right flare for achieving desired project outcomes.

We recognise that each one of our commercial clients has unique HVAC requirements. We don’t offer cookie-cutter solutions to deal with the challenges they face but rather offer a diverse suite of HVAC services to meet each client’s needs and budget.

We offer our clients a good HVAC PM plan that will reduce the number of reactive repairs that need to be made over a period of time. Our ongoing preventive maintenance procedures ensure that the systems continue to operate as per their intended design. Proper preventive maintenance plans also extend the expected useful life of the equipment and warn technicians of potential problems that could lead to catastrophic failure.

Our highly qualified ELLAir Solutions team have the knowledge and resources to ensure that our clients receive the best value for their investment. They make sure that their new or optimised HVAC systems are energy efficient and comply with Occupational Health & Safety standards. Since the HVAC industry is constantly evolving, we make sure our technicians keep up with the latest trends and technologies that arise. They recognise what the term quality means for our clients and strive to reach the high expectations of our company and our customers.